BioASQ 2021 Workshop Schedule.


Wednesday, September 22, 2021
04:30–04:35 Boston (GMT -4)
11:30–11:35 Bucharest (GMT+3)
16:30–16:35 Beijing (GMT+8)


04:35–04:45 Boston (GMT -4)
11:35–11:45 Bucharest (GMT+3)
16:35–16:45 Beijing (GMT+8)
Overview of BioASQ Tasks 9a, 9b and Synergy in CLEF2021
  • Anastasios Nentidis, Georgios Katsimpras, Eirini Vandorou, Anastasia Krithara and Georgios Paliouras
04:45–04:55 Boston (GMT -4)
11:45–11:55 Bucharest (GMT+3)
16:45–16:55 Beijing (GMT+8)
Overview of BioASQ 2021-MESINESP track. Evaluation of advance hierarchical classification techniques for scientific literature, patents and clinical trials.
  • Luis Gasco, Anastasios Nentidis, Anastasia Krithara, Darryl Estrada-Zavala, Renato Toshiyuki Murasaki, Elena Primo-Peña, Cristina Bojo-Canales, Georgios Paliouras and Martin Krallinger
04:55–04:08 Boston (GMT -4)
11:55–11:08 Bucharest (GMT+3)
16:55–17:08 Beijing (GMT+8)
PIDNA at BioASQ MESINESP: Hybrid Semantic Indexing for Biomedical Articles in Spanish
  • Yi Huang, Buse Giledereli, Abdullatif Koksal, Arzucan Ozgur and Elif Ozkirimli
05:08–05:21 Boston (GMT -4)
12:08–12:21 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:08–17:21 Beijing (GMT+8)
Vicomtech at MESINESP2: BERT-based Multi-label Classification Models for Biomedical Text Indexing
  • Aitor García, Naiara Perez and Montse Cuadros
05:21–05:34 Boston (GMT -4)
12:21–12:34 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:21–17:34 Beijing (GMT+8)
COLE and LYS at BioASQ MESINESP Task: large scale multilabel text categorization with sparse and dense indices
  • Francisco J. Ribadas-Pena, Shuyuan Cao and Elmurod Kuriyozov
05:34–05:47 Boston (GMT -4)
12:34–12:47 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:34–17:47 Beijing (GMT+8)
LASIGE-BioTM at MESINESP2: entity linking with semantic similarity and extreme multi-label classification on Spanish biomedical documents
  • Pedro Ruas, Vitor D. T. Andrade and Francisco M. Couto
05:47–06:00 Boston (GMT -4)
12:47–13:00 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:47–18:00 Beijing (GMT+8)
Universal Passage Weighting Mecanism (UPWM) in BioASQ 9b
  • Tiago Almeida and Sérgio Matos
06:00–07:00 Boston (GMT -4)
13:00–14:00 Bucharest (GMT+3)
18:00–19:00 Beijing (GMT+8)


07:00–08:30 Boston (GMT -4)
14:00–15:30 Bucharest (GMT+3)
19:00–20:30 Beijing (GMT+8)

Conference papers #1 (best of labs)

08:30–08:43 Boston (GMT -4)
15:30–15:43 Bucharest (GMT+3)
20:30–20:43 Beijing (GMT+8)
MDS_UNCC Question Answering System for Biomedical Data with Preliminary Error Analysis
  • Seethalakshmi Gopalakrishnan, Swathi Padithala, Hilmi Demirhan and Wlodek Zadrozny
08:43–08:56 Boston (GMT -4)
15:43–15:56 Bucharest (GMT+3)
20:43–20:56 Beijing (GMT+8)
Large Biomedical Question Answering Models with ALBERT and ELECTRA
  • Sultan Alrowili and K.Vijay Shanker
08:56–10:00 Boston (GMT -4)
15:56–17:00 Bucharest (GMT+3)
20:56–22:00 Beijing (GMT+8)
  • Dina Demner-Fushman, Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, NLM, USA
10:00–10:30 Boston (GMT -4)
17:00–17:30 Bucharest (GMT+3)
22:00–22:30 Beijing (GMT+8)


10:30–11:20 Boston (GMT -4)
17:30–18:20 Bucharest (GMT+3)
22:30–23:20 Beijing (GMT+8)

Panel Discussion "Explicit and implicit benefits from challenges such as BioASQ"

Invited panelists
  • Dina Demner-Fushman, NLM, USA
  • Keith Hall, Google, USA
  • Hong Zhou, Atypon, USA
  • Anastasia Krithara, NCSR "Demokritos", Greece
  • Martin Krallinger, BSC, Spain
11:21–11:34 Boston (GMT -4)
18:21–18:34 Bucharest (GMT+3)
23:21–23:34 Beijing (GMT+8)
A Neural Text Ranking Approach for Automatic MeSH Indexing
  • Alastair Rae, James Mork and Dina Demner-Fushman
11:34–11:47 Boston (GMT -4)
18:34–18:47 Bucharest (GMT+3)
23:34–23:47 Beijing (GMT+8)
NLM at BioASQ Synergy 2021: Deep Learning-based Methods for Biomedical Semantic Question Answering about COVID-19
  • Mourad Sarrouti, Deepak Gupta, Asma Ben Abacha and Dina Demner-Fushman
11:47–12:00 Boston (GMT -4)
18:47–19:00 Bucharest (GMT+3)
23:47–00:00 Beijing (GMT+8)
End-to-end Biomedical Question Answering via Bio-AnswerFinder and Discriminative Language Representation Models
  • Ibrahim Burak Ozyurt
Thursday, September 23, 2021
04:30–04:43 Boston (GMT -4)
11:30–11:43 Bucharest (GMT+3)
16:30–16:43 Beijing (GMT+8)
BioASQ Synergy: A strong and simple baseline rooted in relevance feedback
  • Tiago Almeida and Sérgio Matos
04:43–04:56 Boston (GMT -4)
11:43–11:56 Bucharest (GMT+3)
16:43–16:56 Beijing (GMT+8)
Query-Focused Extractive Summarisation for Finding Ideal Answers to Biomedical and COVID-19 Questions
  • Diego Molla, Urvashi Khanna, Dima Galat, Vincent Nguyen and Maciej Rybinski
04:56–05:09 Boston (GMT -4)
11:56–12:09 Bucharest (GMT+3)
16:56–17:09 Beijing (GMT+8)
NCU-IISR/AS-GIS: Results of Various Pre-trained Biomedical Language Models and Linear Regression Model in BioASQ Task 9b Phase B
  • Yu Zhang, Jen-Chieh Han and Richard Tzong-Han Tsai
05:09–05:22 Boston (GMT -4)
12:09–12:22 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:09–17:22 Beijing (GMT+8)
KU-DMIS at BioASQ 9: Data-centric and model-centric approaches for biomedical question answering
  • Wonjin Yoon, Jaehyo Yoo, Sumin Seo, Mujeen Sung, Minbyul Jeong, Gangwoo Kim and Jaewoo Kang
05:22–05:35 Boston (GMT -4)
12:22–12:35 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:22–17:35 Beijing (GMT+8)
Transformer-based Language Models for Factoid Question Answering at BioASQ9b
  • Urvashi Khanna and Diego Molla
05:35–05:48 Boston (GMT -4)
12:35–12:48 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:35–17:48 Beijing (GMT+8)
Post-processing BioBERT And Using Voting Methods for Biomedical Question Answering
  • Margarida Campos and Francisco Couto
05:48–06:00 Boston (GMT -4)
12:48–13:00 Bucharest (GMT+3)
17:48–18:00 Beijing (GMT+8)

Award Announcements